Become a member

GGCA membership is open to UN agencies and civil society and Inter-governmental organizations working on gender and climate change issues.


While members report gaining varied benefits from GGCA membership and different specific reasons for joining, the key reason for aligning together under the GGCA is information sharing across multiple levels and multiple sectors toward a shared goal. The benefits of GGCA membership evolve and expand as the Alliance grows and the importance of gender equality in climate solutions gains recognition.  Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Access to gender and climate experts in a variety of climate fields
  • Connections between practitioners, policy-makers and advocates, and
  • Ability to contribute to and gain from the expanding knowledge base on the impacts and benefits of a gender-responsive approach to climate solutions.

Membership Application

UN agencies and civil society and inter-governmental organizations that are undertaking specific activities on the theme of gender and climate change at all levels can apply for GGCA membership by submitting a GGCA Membership Application Form to the GGCA Secretariat.  In addition to the completed application form, applicant organizations are asked to submit a reference letter from a current GGCA member organization, which should highlight the applicant’s recent engagement with gender and climate change issues.

Membership Determinations

The GGCA Coordinator screens membership applications for completeness and to determine if the membership criteria have been met.  Only applications from organizations, i.e. not from individuals, are considered at this time.

Complete membership applications will then be shared with GGCA members via the GGCA listserv for a 15-day comment period.  During the 15-day member comment period, members are invited to voice concerns regarding the applicant’s potential GGCA candidacy.  Final approval of membership will be determined by the Steering Committee based on the fulfillment of the membership criteria, the member reference letter, and membership feedback.  The GGCA Steering Committee (SC) reviews GGCA membership applications twice a year - in April and October.

Member Roles and Responsibilities

Each member subscribes to the goal and objectives of the GGCA. Members coordinate their own as well as joint activities with other GGCA partners in order to improve strategic interventions and achievement of the objectives.  All GGCA members designate a GGCA focal point to play an internal communication role within their organization.  This focal point works to ensure that their organisation is aware of the mission of the GGCA and its activities, sharing out information they receive through the GGCA to internal channels. The focal point is also responsible for requesting permission to use the GGCA logo, GGCA Member logo, as desired.

Members have diverse roles in the GGCA and contribute to the goal and objectives of the GGCA in line with their institutional mandates.

Recognizing the unique contribution each GGCA member makes, all members are encouraged to contribute to the following GGCA activities:

  • Lead, contribute to, and/or participate in GGCA activities
  • Actively engage in at least one GGCA Working Group
  • Undertake activities in the area of gender and climate change in collaboration with other GGCA members and report back to the wider GGCA Alliance and / or GGCA Working Group
  • Share gender and climate information, methodologies and tools with GGCA members
  • Participate in GGCA member meetings and teleconferences when practicable
  • Prepare annual summary reports on GGCA-related work via electronic survey to be submitted to the GGCA Secretariat by January 31 of each year for the purposes of coordinating activities and strengthening Secretariat support of members
  • Provide updates to the GGCA Secretariat and Membership regarding relevant up-coming events
  • Contribute to the review of pending GGCA membership applications
  • Cooperate and share information that strengthens the capacity of members to advance their activities