Addressing REDD+ Corruption at the Local Level

As part of its ongoing work, the UN-REDD Programme, a UN collaborative initiative between FAO, UNEP and UNDP, is hosting an e-discussion on Addressing REDD+ Corruption at the Local Level. This e-discussion sets out to bring together three communities of practice - anti-corruption, local governance and climate change (REDD+). The discussion will run from 21 January to 15 February 2013.

Phase I (21 January to 1 February, 2013) will focus on Local Experience with Climate Finance and Implications for REDD+. Although national REDD+ programs are still in a pre-implementation stage, considerable experience with climate finance in various forms—to support both mitigation and adaptation activities—has accrued in some localities. This phase of the e-discussion will tap this experience, document the lessons that have arisen from it, and explore the implications for REDD+ corruption risks at the local level.

Phase II (2 February to 15 February, 2013) will examine Response Options to Counter Local REDD+ Corruption. This phase will turn specifically to the options available to enlist local governance systems to counter potential corruption in local REDD+ programs and processes. It will also consider the diagnostic tools available to assess local REDD+ corruption.
We welcome all who are interested to participate and join in on this discussion on the UN-REDD workspace.  For those who are not yet members of the UN-REDD workspace, please contact UN-REDD workspace and knowledge management team member, Nicki Mokhtari at nicki[dot]mokhtari[at]undp[dot]org, to obtain login credentials and workspace access.