Community Practitioners Academy

The Community Practitioners Academy inviteD 25-35 grassroots leaders working as community practitioners in community resilience and disaster risk and reduction (DRR) to convene, share their practices and consolidate their priorities towards the 2013 UNISDR Global Platform and the Post-Hyogo Framework.

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The Academy is an unconvential space where grassroots leaders are invited as experts on community resilience DRR and will highlight grassroots-driven strategies. Institutional partners from local government, and NGO’s are invited to share their practices on how they are expanding, formalizing and resourcing the roles of local communities in building resilience.

The Objectives of the Academy are to:

Convene community leaders and institutional champions to collectively analyze effective practices and partnerships that build climate resilience. Towards this objective we will focus on how to construct partnerships with different stakeholders around community driven disaster risk reduction

Identify community priorities that should be incorporated in Post 2015 framework and HFA.
For community leaders who are members of the Community Practitioners Platform for Resilience (CPPR) to adopt a set of working agreements and shared understandings

Identify key elements of a 2 year collaborative strategic plan for the Community Practitioners Platform and advocacy priorities for the Global Platform

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