Countries making a difference through gender-responsive climate change frameworks

Showcasing innovative gender-responsiveclimate change frameworks developed through multi-stakeholder processes in 11 countries and regions around the world.
Wednesday, 5 December 201213h15 – 14h45
Side Event Room 4Qatar National Convention Centre

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A water taxi network owned and -operated by women on the Nile that both reduces emissions and provides fast, reliable public transport in Cairo, a waste-to-wealth recycling project empowering women as green entrepreneurs in Kathmandu, women environmental whistleblowers on the coast of Liberia assisting government in the collection of meteorological data, acting as early-warning system for storms and reporting environmental offences, a carbon-footprint program run by women that at scale could be linked to the carbon market - innovative examples proposed by multi-stakeholder groups in Mozambique, Jordan, Egypt, Tanzania, Nepal, Haiti, Panama, Costa Rica, Liberia, the Arab League of States and the Central American Region.


  • Rachel Kyte, Vice President, World Bank
  • Helen Clark, Administrator, UNDP
  • Lorena Aguilar, Global Gender Adviser, IUCN
  • Julia Duncan-Cassell, Minister, Liberia
  • Keshav Man Shakya, Minister, Nepal
  • Anyaa Vohiri, Executive Director, EPA: Liberia
  • Achmad Al Qatarnet, Secretary General, Jordan
  • Aira Kalela, Representative, Finland