Developing and Investing in Gender-Informed Business Models for Scaling Up Energy Access


Sheila Oparaocha, ENERGIA 

Corinne Hart, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves 

Reema Nanavaty, Self-Employed Women’s Association

Jessica Alderman, Envirofit 

Najada Kumbuli, Calvert Foundation

Simon Collings, Global Village Energy Partnership International

2:50 pm – 4:05 pm at Sheraton Times Square Hotel, 811 7th Avenue 53rd Street, New York City

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Access to energy at all levels, from household to productive use to institutions, is recognized as an essential input to development and is critical for health, gender equality, and overall wellbeing. At the same time, since women are engaged in large numbers in micro- and small enterprises, they benefit tremendously from modern, more efficient energy sources. Gender-informed approaches are known to better reach consumers, support women in the value chain, and enhance the overall adoption and effectiveness of energy solutions.

The role of women goes beyond being users of energy services to women as change agents in energy access: in selling, maintaining, and financing energy products and services. When women are empowered, the benefits have been shown to have multiplier effects in terms of increased incomes and opportunities for families, communities, and economies.

Please join us for this session, which will demonstrate how gender can be mainstreamed into energy business models to increase effectiveness and impact, as well as the merits of these models as investment opportunities.

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