From Rio to Cairo to Rio and Beyond: Population Dynamics, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Time: 1-3pm
Location: T-9

RSVP Amandi Clarke  [email protected]

The event will featured 3-4 panelists from Population Action International (PAI), African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP), and the Regional Institute for Population Studies. To set the stage, a brief presentation on Why Population Matters will be presented by PAI to highlight how and why population impacts many aspects of our lives, including issues as diverse as poverty, health, education, water, and forests.

PAI and AFIDEP will present results from research collaboration on population dynamics, climate change and sustainable development in Africa, including policy and program environment assessments in Kenya and Malawi. RIPS will discuss urbanization, migration and gender aspects as they relate to climate change adaptation and development in West Africa. Groups will describe successful approaches that link reproductive health with natural resource management, climate change adaptation and sustainable development. A moderated discussion will follow.