Rio+20 and Women’s Lives: a Cross-generational Dialogue

Time: 10 -12 pm
Location: Ford Foundation Pavilion (Museum of Modern Art)

RSVP to Tracy Mann or Vicky Markham

Six outstanding global women activists (from Uganda, Nigeria, Cook Islands, Mississippi/US, Philippines, and Brazil) young and old, share their personal narratives to help us understand the cross-cutting impacts of climate change and other environmental issues on their lives.

In conversation they’ll also discuss the importance of women’s empowerment and reproductive health, and new, innovative connections among women of all ages for practical implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Welcome: Nilcéa Freire, Ford Foundation Representative,  Rio Office
Introduction: Vicky Markham, Director, Center for Environment and Population (CEP)
Moderator: Tracy Mann, Director, Climate Wise Women

Special Guest Speakers:

Ulamila Kurai Wragg, Executive Director, Pacific Gender Coalition, Rarotonga, Cook Islands: member of the Cook Islands’ official delegation to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Constance Okollet, Chairperson, Osukuru United Women’s Network, Tororo, Uganda: self-described “peasant farmer”, addressed the UN General Assembly and participated in numerous international events, speaking on behalf of her village on climate change impacts and women.

Sharon Hanshaw, Executive Director, Coastal Women For Change (CWC), Biloxi, Mississippi, USA: organized public forums on federal emergency management, education, affordable housing, elevated the voices of poor and minority communities around severe climate events such as Hurricane Katrina.

Esperanza Garcia, Philippines, Co-Founder, International Youth Council: President of Philippine Youth Climate Movement and Columbia University’s Coalition for Sustainable Development, chief organizer of NY+20, a youth-led movement for action on sustainable development for Rio+20.

Esther Kelechi Agbarakwe, youth leader, Nigeria: part of the “Elders+Youngers” project with The Honorable Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu, and others, around Rio+20. She will focus on health and education issues in Nigeria linked to sustainable development in Africa.

Brazilian youth panelist TBD

Individual press briefings will be held directly after the side-event.
For more information contact: Tracy Mann [email protected], or Vicky Markham [email protected].   Follow on twitter @markhamv.
Co-sponsored by: Center for Environment and Population (CEP),  Climate Wise Women, and Columbia University Coalition for Sustainable Development .