Roundtable on Framing Sustainable Development Policy Dialogues: A Well-Prepared Society

Time: 3:30—5:00pm
Location: T-4 Rio Centro

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Recognizing the number of global environmental challenges and security issues, there is a need to improve the knowledge base of all stakeholders, particularly decision-makers on the interplay of human and natural systems, with an understanding of new opportunities for investment, new technologies, and innovations, among others. Gender equity and women's leadership are essential components that link local to global action and community-based decision making.

The purpose of this roundtable is to highlight 21st century models in terms of the UN IFSD.  Effective integrated management levers, responsive institutional structures depend upon a well-prepared global society, knowledge sharing systems through a broad multi-stakeholder-intergenerational platform, and confidence building approaches utilizing a global framework for Environmental Education.

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