Africa Foundation for Sustainable Development

Africa Foundation for Sustainable Development has assembled a powerful team of executive and non-executive directors, associates and alliance partners who share a commitment to stimulating sustainable development processes, practices and reporting interventions in the mining and associated industries. Its philosophy is centred around sustainable development programme implementation focused on water management, rehabilitation and rural economic development in Communities affected by commercial mining operations.

Africa Foundation will concentrate to serve their clients through Strategic Consulting and Project Management. We can deliver significant value-add to our clients in the Mining, Environmental, Agricultural and Socio-Economic Development sectors. Africa Foundation will also participate in consortia to acquire assets and implement sustainable economic and social development projects on behalf of their clients.

Benefits of the Africa Foundation Programme approach: Turn-key solutions to social and labour plans, mine closure, water management, rehabilitation and rural economic development; An anticipated 15% up-front cost saving as a result of access to alliance partners, globally competitive project teams and proven implementation models focusing on key sustainability and impact factors and Sustainable Development Reports.