African Moringa Alliance

AMA has found the need to join hands with all household women farmers and vulnerable girls of Africa to ensure that the grass-root voice is heard and help is available in rediscovering lost nutritious crops of Africa. Proverbs Chapter 22:20 says, ‘There is much food in the foul ground of the poor.’

If African land is used properly and the people empowered with technical know how, according to Dr. Juma, Africa will feed itself in 10 years and have surplus to feed the world, and I mean PURE FOOD.

In todays world, promoting change includes the need for carbon mitigating, and sustainable agricultural businesses.To achieve this mission, the circle of chain must include all parties concerned in developing a holistic system of farming, production, distribution and consumption. This is necessary because it is the only dependable system of agriculture for communities that promote adaptation strategy.