Change Planet Partners Climate Innovation Foundation – India

Change Planet Partners Climate Innovation Foundation is an independent public trust registered in March 2011 in Hyderabad, Telangana, India with registration number 61/IV/2011 and 12AA full tax-exempt certification status.

Change Planet Partners Climate Innovation Foundation has its vision and mission to promote climate innovation.Innovation, incubation and advocacy form the core pillars of the foundation's climate innovation promotion work.While the foundation's current work focuses on food, water and energy climate nexus priorities, their climate innovation promotion mandate remains broad, contemporary and inclusive cutting across science-policy, technology, finance, capacity, markets and stakeholder networks. In its six years to inception, the foundation has initiated 14 advocacy initiatives across four key themes in food-water-energy nexus, climate-DRR,sustainability, SDG-Gender with an outreach spanning 22 stakeholder networks.

Highlight Initiatives: 

International Women's Day 2017 Event - SDGenImpaCT: is a first of its kind technology led gender impact advocacy initiative on the occasion of International Women's Day 2017. In line with the 2017 theme of " The Changing World of Work: Planet 50 - 50 by 2030 ", the initiative maps promising impact opportunities that lie at the intersection of gender - technology - sustainable development with specific alignment with SDG targets in SDG Goals 1,2,3, 6,7,10 and 11. The evidence gathering effort in addressing key questions such as - how can technology be leveraged to achieve SDG goal 5 outcomes ? Could such technologies be simple to use, effective to operate at scale , address key SDG goal targets, readily adapted to suit various geography contexts, be mainstreamed with other SDG goals - all culminated into this initiative. In all, the initiative maps 7 goals, 14 targets and 14 different types of technologies that can be readily leveraged by potential entrepreneurs (women especially) all over the world and take bold and transformative steps towards making the world an equal and better place to live in.

SDG Business Action for Gender InclusionThrough this advocacy initiative 'SDG Business Action for Gender Inclusion' we make a modest attempt to change to provide a 'Gender Life Stage Opportunity Matrix' to help businesses visualize a range of opportunities they can create for their significant workforce, make them vigorous partners and solutioneers in progress in order that their potential is fully realized and the world made a better place to live in.

The Gender Life Stage opportunity Matrix's innovation lays in integrating the life stage transitions with economic, social and ecological dimensions of the sustainability continuum on the one hand and progressively increasing the spheres of action from personal to communities to societal on the other. Coupled with this is the third dimension of playing multiple roles in participation-contribution-driving-influencing continuum to help achieve positive and permanent development outcomes as corporate intrapreneurs, social entrepreneurs,inclusive business partners, community and skill champions, partnership-collaboration drivers and public policy influencers. The benefits of which,over a period of time, are bound to reflect in various global indices that cover competitiveness, social progress and sustainable development.

Through this subtle yet powerful frame and narrative change focus in this initiative, we sincerely hope, a fresh and even stronger business case for gender inclusion is established and private sector would in all earnestness embrace it and begin to reap rich rewards through its diligent application in their strategic, geographic and operational contexts.