Climate Wise Women

Climate Wise Women is a global platform for the promotion of women’s leadership on climate change. Through powerful personal narratives, Climate Wise Women gives a human face and voice to an issue that sits squarely at the nexus of the conversation on gender equality, environmental justice, food security, the eradication of extreme poverty, and public health.

Climate Wise Women presents public ‘conversations’ between women community leaders from around the globe at colleges and universities, for community and business groups, and at major world events on climate, climate justice, and gender equality, that engage both panelists and audience members alike.

The Climate Wise Women, a rotating group of distinguished international community activists, share their compelling stories with those of local women leaders in an interactive format that brings home the very real connections between the developed and developing worlds.  Our goal is to deploy the time-honored art of storytelling at its most powerful level and make a significant contribution towards a global movement for climate justice and sustainable community.