GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice is the global network of women and gender activists and experts from all world regions working for gender and climate justice.  GenderCC believes that in order to achieve women’s rights, gender justice and climate justice, fundamental changes are necessary to overcome the existing systems of power, politics, and economics.

The challenges of climate change and gender injustice resemble each other - they require whole system change: not just gender mainstreaming but transforming gender relations and societal structures. Not just technical amendments to reduce emissions, but real mitigation through awareness and change of unsustainable life-styles and the current ideology and practice of unlimited economic growth. Not the perpetuation of the current division of resources and labour but a responsible cooperative approach to achieving sustainable and equitable societies. We believe that linking women’s rights, gender justice and climate justice is key to achieving these fundamental changes. This is a question of justice and equity as much as a matter of quality and effectiveness of decisions.

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