Love Thy Neighbour (LTN)

Love Thy Neighbour ( LTN ) established in 1995 to aware the deprived, neglected and unaware people especially destitute women. The main target of LTN to make disadvantaged people and women self reliant and active through self-awareness.

To accomplish this great purpose, LTN has been participating actively in various development programs in different target area for a long time. LTN express sincere gratitude to whom who have extended their cooperation and empathy to accomplish all project activities.

We express gratitude to general and executive members of LTN. Their enthusiasm and gallantness inspired us in every activities. We are grateful that they have taken important decisions and provided us inspirations and directions for smooth operation of the organization by attending executive committee meetings regularly.

We are grateful to all the donors of LTN without whose financial support none of our work could be accomplished properly. For this reason we extend our thanks and gratefulness to PRIP Trust, Netherlands Embassy, DANIDA, SAP-Bangladesh, Forest Department and Department of Women Affairs of Bangladesh Government, Bangladesh NGO Foundation, Health Ministry, Democracy Watch, Mannusher Jonno Foundation, Bangladesh Sishu Odhikar Forum,  CARE and BRAC. We express our sincere thanks to LTN’s staffs members, for whose sincere and gallant works we have availed success. May the works of LTN expand more and we expect continued cooperation of all people concerned so that we can extend the advantages of development to under developed mass and we can stand beside them.