Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment (SWAGEN)

Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment (SWAGEN) is an indigenous organization founded and owned by grassroots women in Uganda. The organization came into existence in 1998 out of felt need. Although the period spanning 1986-1990 saw a proliferation of women NGOs the majority were national level. They engaged in grassroots operations without performing adequate consultations, needs assessment and problem analyses.

As a result many of their interventions:

  • failed to target the most pressing needs of communities
  • did not deliver benefits to the intended beneficiaries
  • could not gain the support of the local stakeholders
  • were not sustainable

The Vision of the organization is, ‘All round development of the human being’.
The Mission of the organization is, ‘To create strong women groups capable of active participation in and meaningful contribution to mainstream national development’.

SWAGEN is involved in many interventions to alleviate livelihood challenges as is elaborated in the organization profile sent along with the application forms. The projects currently running are:

Environment and sustainable natural resource use and management

Under this program component the organization works with forest dependent communities, with women spearheading the process, to secure their rights to participate in and share benefits of Natural Resource Conservation in a collaborative management arrangement with National Forest Authority.


SWAGEN is the only women’s organization that has signed a Collaborative Forest Management agreement with the National Forest Authority

SWAGEN represents Forest Dependent Communities on the REDD+ working group in Uganda

The organization was selected to implement the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility project

SWAGEN was elected by all Civil Society Organizations in  Africa to represent them as an observer on the Climate Investment Fund  Forest Investment Program (CIF FIP)

Food Security

SWAGEN is promoting agro-ecological and organic agriculture practices at household level. This involves indigenous seed preservation, soil nutrient recycling and natural methods of pest and disease control.


SWAGEN represents East Africa on the Civil Society Mechanism Coordinating Committee (CSM CC) for engagement with FAO’s Committee on Food Security.