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The GGCA Innovation Forum will bring together grassroots leaders and gender experts from GGCA's diverse and powerful network, alongside students, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers, to reflect on milestones in achieving gender-responsive climate policy, learn valuable skills and best practice for implementation, and look forward to real action on climate for women and men around the world.

Why attend the GGCA Innovation Forum?

For GGCA members...

The Forum is not only an opportunity for members to come together for the first time in-person to discuss the Alliance, but also is an opportunity to showcase their achievements and learn transferrable skills from one another to enhance their work. GGCA members can apply for Travel Grants to attend the Forum, Seed Grants to implement or build on an innovative gender-responsive climate project, and propose an interactive skill-sharing session, which will make up a critical part of the Forum. The GGCA Studio, our media centre, will be a space for members to give brief interviews, which will be compiled along with footage of the Forum, to provide high quality videos for members to take home. We note that the Travel Grants and Seed Grants are only open to GGCA member organizations and we ask that all applications be completed in English.

For donors…

As donors support the important work being undertaken by GGCA members, the GGCA Innovation Forum will provide a space for donors and recipient organizations to exchange ideas and discuss priorities for strengthening the partnerships that make gender-responsive climate policies and projects into reality.

For decision-makers…

The GGCA and its members engage with governments through the UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties and the GGCA Innovation Forum will build on this relationship by giving delegates an in-depth look at the work of GGCA members. Government delegates will also have the potential to share information on their own work in the open learning session or as a ‘lightning talk.’ Government representatives will also benefit from meeting practitioners from their region who can support national and subnational gender-responsive climate initiatives.

For scholars...

Researchers and students will have an opportunity to learn from practitioners, advocates and donors about gender-responsive climate change policy and actions. These scholars may find links between their own research and GGCA’s flagship research project, which will be launched on the first day of the Forum. The Forum can also be the launch pad for collaborations between international and Moroccan scholars interested in gender and climate issues.

For civil society allies...

Finally, the Forum will bring in members of civil society, both local and international, to extend the alliance of gender and climate champions beyond the GGCA. Grassroots organizations that are not already engaged in gender-responsive activities will leave the Forum will new, hard skills that they can incorporate into their work. It is the hope of the GGCA that the Innovation Forum is a space to raise awareness, build capacities, and launch new partnerships to achieve gender-responsive climate solutions.

Credit: Living Water International on Flickr, under Creative Commons
Credit: Living Water International on Flickr, under Creative Commons

How to register for the GGCA Innovation Forum

All participants can register at GGCA members (up to 3 per organization), local and international students and local grassroots civil society organizations can register for free. All others can purchase tickets. Please note we will contact you after registration to verify your member/student status, if applicable.


In order to make the Forum inclusive and accessible, the GGCA is requesting that any registrations who are not (1) GGCA members, (2) students, or (3) local grassroots civil society, pay a fee to attend. The proceeds will be used for high quality translation services. If you have any concerns about being able to afford the fee or general inquiries about participation, please reach out to Iliana Paul ([email protected]).