GGCA WEBINAR: Working Across UN Processes for Gender & Climate Change

You can now watch "Working Across UN Processes for Gender and Climate Change"

This was the fourth in the "Global Gender and Climate Alliance Webinar Series" on issues that affect gender and climate change.

While the UNFCCC continues to be an obvious platform for advocating on gender and climate change issues, GCC advocates around the world take advantage of numerous UN fora to amplify their impact. Environmental groups, women's advocacy organizations and others are active not only in the UNFCCC, but also in the UN 2030 Agenda, CSW, CBD and more, using each venue in a strategic way.

For this webinar, we heard from guest speakers who are actively engaged in multiple spaces to explain how they navigate the UN system to champion gender and climate change. 


  • Isis Alvarez, Gender Advisor & Campaigner, Global Forest Coalition
  • Kate Lappin, Regional Coordinator, Asia Pacific Forum for Women, Law and Development (APWLD)
  • Emilia Reyes, Programme Director of Equality and
    Sustainable Development Policies and Budgets, Equidad de Genero


  • Iliana Paul, Program Officer, GGCA

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The recording is now available.